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Training and Exercise
Support Services

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Curriculum Development

Our certified curriculum developers have designed, developed, and supported courses and exercises for SOF customers, other DoD elements, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Customs and Border Protection, other members of the Intelligence Community, and Partner Nations.

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Scenario Development

We understand the importance of training realism. We Train as We Fight! Realism is the key feature in all of our training plans. We avoid notional injects which greatly detract from training. Our scenarios ensure the right people, with the right equipment, are at the right location on time, every time.

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Platform & Field Instruction

One of the most effective teaching methods our experts have achieved is being able to instruct and mentor while in role/character. Our instructors have extensive real-world experience in their respective fields, allowing them to modulate their intensity as direct feedback to the actions of the students.

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Roleplaying Services

Over the last 13 years, we have mastered the art of providing trained role players for nearly all training scenarios (OPFOR, BLUFOR, Civilians on the Battlefield, Host Nation, Partner Nation, Surveillance, and language role players). We believe that training our role player employees has been the key to our success in the field.

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Exercise Support

Our training team conducts all necessary training area development, to include land use agreements, coordination with law enforcement, managing geographically dispersed operations, and logistics and life support for both our employees and our clients’ students.

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Supported Clients

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