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Full-Spectrum Intelligence
Support Services

Analysis & Targeting

Our experts conduct analysis using intelligence and information from multiple sources to prepare intelligence products and recommend courses of action. Our products include threat assessments, trend analyses, information papers, and both kinetic and non-kinetic targeting packages.

Collection Management

Our Collection Managers are trained and certified ISR Collection Operations Management (COM) experts with experience supporting requirements from the Strategic/National entities down to supporting tactical collectors in combat, and non-permissive theaters.


We provide former badged and credentialled Counterintelligence (CI) professionals to support the full range of our clients’ activities (analysis, collection, cyber, investigations, and operations).

Human Intelligence

Our Human Intelligence (HUMINT) cadre consists of former certified collectors along the full spectrum of military source operations. Our HUMINTers provide support to a variety of U.S. Intelligence Community clients through operations support, policy reviews, and tradecraft training activities.

Intelligence Planning

We provide specialized planners who draft inputs to strategic plans, campaign plans, and concepts of operation. Our team has experts in Civil-Military Operations, Information Operations, Military Deception, Military Information Support Operations, Special Technical Operations, and Strategic Communication

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Supported Clients

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